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Help Free Laurie Kellogg
Corruption in the System
Wrongful Convictions
A Victim of Justice
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Bedford Hills is the only maximum security prison for women in the entire State of New York.


Laurie is serving 25 years to life for offenses related to the murder of her husband, Bruce.  She did not commit this crime, yet has been wrongfully charged and convicted.  She has been incarcerated since 1991.

Laurie is a victim of not only mental, emotional and sexual abuse, but also of the criminal justice system.  Once you're in the system, it's very difficult to get out. 


A conscientious band of loyal crusaders are striving to prove Laurie's innocence and win her a new trial. Her benefactors include a mixed bag of attorneys, a 28 year NYPD veteran, now a successful P.I., and a former NYS Correction Officer who was assigned to Laurie's cell block for six years.


Gil Alba

High Profile Private Investigator, Gil Alba says, "Because of a former Corrections Officer who whole-heartily believes that Laurie Kellogg is completely innocent, I decided to get involved and help. I went and interviewed Laurie Kellogg in prison on two occasions and met with the former Corrections Officer Andy DeMers and Attorney Mary Ann Di Bari on other occasions. Our goal is to get Laurie released from prison, but we can't do it alone. We need volunteers, we need money and we need the best professionals in the legal industry."




Help Free Laurie Kellogg,  P.O.Box 151, Hillburn, NY. 10931