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Andy De Mers
Vacation Photo Album

Here are some pictures from a recent vacation I took.


Here is an ariel shot of Sing Sing Prison, where I love to vacation from time to time. Love the smell of the Hudson River at 5AM, and love to see the sunset over the west wall.


This is a rare and more recent view of Mountainview Youth Correctional Facility; formally Annandale Farms. Love the campsites around this neck of the woods!


Of course when I'm not
vacationing at Sing Sing,
Bedford Hills Main Gate
is always a great subsitute.
Particularly the truck trap;
just love hearing the slamming
of the sally port gates!


And last, but not least, when all else fails, there's always the Edison Boat Docks! We occasionally come here when we can't afford the luxury palaces such as Sing Sing or Bedford. So we bring our lawn chairs and just lounge around and enjoy the pungent oders of the Raritan River and remember all the parties we had back in the late 60s, early 70s and how many search parties we organized for drunken friends who couldn't swim.